Price computing scale DIGI DS-781

Price computing scale DIGI DS-781

Model   DS-781
Capacity 3/6kg             6/15kg         15/30kg
Interval 1/2g                 2/5g            5/10g

Tare: 4 digits

Weight: 5 digits

Unit price: 5 digits

Total price: 6 digits
Power source

4 х С size dry battery or

АС/DC adapter 5-8V, 100mA
Operating Temperature -10 °C   ̴  40 °C
Operating Humidity 15%   ̴  85%RH
Dimensions ( W x D x H)

DS781BR overall size: 335.7х349.8х123.5mm;

platter: 300х225mm

DS781P overall size : 335.7х380.3х373.6mm; 

platter: 300х225mm

Interface RS232C for data transfer
  • Approved commercial type – CE certificate, M mark;
  • The scale is dual range and is available in a weight range from 3kg to 30kg;
  • Suitable for markets and small shops;
  • Calculate value and accumulate total;
  • Closing an account;
  • Price rounding, algorithm for turning on the backlight, working with tare, etc;
  • Up to 99 PLUs programmable;
  • Equipped with 15 preset keys;
  • RS232 serial port;
  • Waterproof keyboard;
  • 4 batteries, size C;
  • Optional adapter AC/DC 5-8V, 100mA;
  • Energy-saving function - standby mode. More than 120 hours of continuous operation with 4 batteries size C;
  • The automatic power off function when the scale is not in use ensures a longer battery life;
  • Zero and Tare functions;
  • Automatic shutdown.

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