Sealing tape with print

Sealing tape with print

Custom printed packaging tape is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to advertise your brand.

We offer the following options:

  • "TOP" print - it is printed directly on the carrier pad
    • (BOPP) on the tape. This method of printing is know as not particulary precise and there is a possibilty that part of the print may be damaged when the roll is unrolled.
    • The main advantage of this type of printing is the short execution time and the possibility of printing small series.
    • It can be performed on types such as: "Solvent", "HotMelt" and "Acrylic".
    • This is one of the most preferred printed tape options by most customers.
  • "Sandwich" printing - this is the best quality printing method, and the specific thing about it is that it is printed inside the carrier pad, but under the adhesive layer. This is a method in which the print is protected from mechanical influences and is significantly more resistant compared to the one placed using the "TOP print" technology.
    • In addition to mechanical resistance, the imprint with the "Sandwich" technology is also distinguished by its significantly greater precision and quality.
    • The lead time is significantly longer due to the fact that this type of printing is still done overseas.
    • It is suitable for longer series.

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