The so-called rigid films are distinguished by less extensibility than conventional ones, but due to the added "stiffness" added to them, they make it possible to use thinner films where standard ones are used. For example, 17 micron. RIGID can successfully replace 23 micron. standard film or with 12/15 micron. RIGID to replace 17/23 micron. standard film.



Тест за накланяне на палета:                                    d2


Comparative test     Product Thickness Number of wraps Holding power

Difference in holding power

Film consumption Economy

Rotary Arm Pre-strech

wrap machine

+ 250% pre strech                   

Power film 23µ 26 11,65 kg   435 g  

Test on a

standard pallet

weighing 750kg

Power Rigid film 15µ 26 14,86 kg +28 263 g +40%




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