Label feeder MB100N

Label feeder MB100N

  • Table-top pasting mechanism for fast manual labeling of products of various shapes;
  • Label width: min 25 mm; maximum 100 mm (other sizes on request);
  • Gearmotor with a speed of 5 m per minute (other speed on order);
  • Supply voltage: 220 V - 50 Hz;
  • Label roll: inner diameter 40mm-outer diameter 250mm; for internal diameters of 50 or 75 mm. - to order;
  • Silicone paper rewinder;
  • Photocell for feeding and stopping labels;
  • Main switch: ON/OFF;
  • Fuse: 0.315A;
  • Execution: INOX entirely with stainless materials and IP 64.

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